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Schools and colleges

We work with schools and colleges who want to teach their students about how business and trade can help improve society.

Young Entrepreneurs Programme for Colleges, Universities and Schools

“The social start-up programme has taught me that business can be socially and environmentally friendly with the benefit of bringing communities together in the process and beyond. It has also helped me gain confidence in my own ideas and overcome some of my shyness. I learned that my dream is possible, and that with drive and passion your dream can become a reality.”
Portsmouth University Student

SSE Hampshire is also available to take part in careers fairs, employment workshops and student advice sessions. We can help students to explore if social enterprise could be for them!

Our aims

The School for Social Entrepreneurs Hampshire – Young Entrepreneurs Programme for Schools, Colleges and Universities, enables young people to develop the confidence, resilience and business skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur and the vision, values and ethics needed to set up a social enterprise.

Based on our greatly oversubscribed programme for adults, SSE Hampshire’s youth programme for secondary schools, colleges and universities students will equip students with the know how to run successful businesses that help the community and address social problems.

Twelve modules of up 2 hours each are delivered by experienced Social Entrepreneurs and culminate in an awards ceremony. The programme includes visiting speakers from the worlds of business and social enterprise. Our ‘learning by doing’ ethos enables the programme to be accessible and valuable to any type of learner and it engages all types of learning styles.

Basic elements of the Young Entrepreneurs Programme for Schools, Colleges and Universities:

  1. Students will develop their own ideas for setting up a business and all subsequent exercises will be based on their idea with a view to enabling their ideas to become reality.
  2. The programme culminates with an awards ceremony to which local businesses, parents, press and others will be invited. Students will present their enterprise ideas which they will have worked on either individually or in groups.
  3. Our trainers run their own social enterprises and have been trained by the School for Social Entrepreneurs.
  4. Visiting social entrepreneurs include previous Social Entrepreneur students now successfully running their own enterprises and experts in their field from the world of business.
  5. Pupils will focus on how their proposed business can help meet needs in society or their community whilst also receiving general training in basic business skills.
  6. The emphasis is on building confidence and self-esteem and to motivate pupils to believe that they really can do run their own business and make a difference to society.

For more information on our young entrepreneur programme: email here or phone on: 01962 857384.