Private sector

We work with the private sector to help them understand the needs of people and communities in and around Hampshire to ensure that developments, changes and improvements are designed with and for those they will affect.

Whether you are a housing developer wanting to understand housing need in a specific area, a company wanting to understand how certain groups of people want to use your services, or an organisation of any kind wanting to operate in Hampshire, we can help you find out what people think, want and need

We have over 1000 member organisations in and around Hampshire, representing the views of all kinds of groups of people and communities of interest with a wide range of needs, preferences and ideas.

Using skills developed in our Action Research and Engagement work, we can facilitate connections, run focus groups, arrange working parties and manage consultations to make sure you really know what people want and need, and can design or refine your services to match.

For more information, please contact us

Kirsty Rowlinson 01962 857355
Joanna Dixon 01962 857354