Shaping your community's future

Cuts are affecting spending. Grants are reducing. And need is increasing

Faced with this reality we can’t go on depending on others to do things for us. Chances are these things won’t get done. So what can WE do to shape our future?

Some form of community led planning would be a good place to start.

Want to take a generic look at your community and develop projects and actions to address your concerns? How about doing a Community Action / Parish Plan?

Interested in shaping your local area and deciding where new homes, shops, businesses and community facilities should go, then a Neighbourhood Plan is the one for you.

Want to draw up guidelines that show how local character can be respected in any new development? Think about a Village Design Statement.

Interested in identifying the special qualities of the local landscape and the steps to maintain and enhance what you value? A Local Landscape Character Assessment can help you do this.

Worried about what might happen in the future? Why not prepare a Community Resilience Plan before the event, not after?

You can use this approach for wildlife mapping, identifying young people’s priorities, carrying out transport surveys and other forms of planning for the future.

Talk to us about how we can help you decide which is best for you.

But this is just the start…………..a social or community enterprise is a way for you to deliver what you want without being dependent on others or on ongoing grant aid. Examples include community owned shops and pubs. Action Hampshire can help you with this.