Your Policies and Constitutions

When did you last look at your policies? Are they even relevant to the work you do now?

It is usually not until things go wrong that you realise how much you need these documents. If they don’t suit your group’s current activities then you could find yourself in hot water. Making sure that these documents are read, understood and kept up to date is an essential part of good organisational management.

By keeping your constitution and policies in plain language you can help your organisation stay focused on what your aims really are. A focused group is far more likely to be a successful group.

Governing Documents
A governing document is a legal document containing information about what your organisation is set up to do, how it is structured, how it will run and how it will change with time.

The Charity Commission provides extensive guidance on how to choose and prepare your governing document and also provides model documents for you to use.

Health & Safety
The Health and Safety Executive has some great advice for not-for-profit organisations and voluntary activities.

HSE Health and Safety Made Simple this guide will make it easier for you to comply with the law and manage health and safety in your organisation.

Download and amend Action Hampshire’s Health and Safety Policy for your own use.

Safeguarding Children
The Safe Network provides safeguarding information related to activities outside the home – from after school art clubs to weekend reading groups. If your group works with children and young people, be sure to explore all the tools and resources available, including the free-assessment tool and help with writing your child protection policy.

Download and amend Action Hampshire’s Safeguarding Children Policy for your own use.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults
Safeguarding Adults Multi-Agency Policy document has been developed by the four local safeguarding adults boards to meet current good practice standards.

As part of your ‘safeguarding’ you may need to get DBS checks for staff and volunteers.

Download and amend Action Hampshire’s Safeguarding Adults Policy for your own use.

Your volunteers also need nurturing and support, and a good policy can help to reinforce that.

Download and amend Action Hampshire’s Volunteer Policy for your own use.

Data Protection
For all your data protection questions, the Information Commissioner’s Office provides you with details about how to look after the information you hold.

Download and amend Action Hampshire’s Data Protection Policy for your own use.

Equality & Diversity
Here is a summary guide for delivering equality and diversity

Download and amend Action Hampshire’s Equality & Diversity Policy for your own use.

Other sources of expert information
Community Matters have an excellent range of information sheets ranging from ‘Setting up a Community Organisation’ to ‘Children and Young People in Community Centres”. They also have a set of model constitutions and leases. Much of their information is free of charge.

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