Mergers and restructures

There is pressure on not-for-profit organisations to clearly show efficiency in a world of reduced, and reducing public resources. More and more organisations are looking at restructuring and/or merging with others in order to demonstrate their effective use of resources.

Reasons to restructure

  • to reduce your cost base
  • to refocus your resources
  • to review how your mission is being delivered
  • to assess whether your organisation is still needed

How we can help

We can support your organisation through the restructure process through 1 to 1 support sessions, or training:

  • Planning the restructure, including how to work with your Board
  • Engaging with the staff team throughout the process
  • Understanding the role of HR/ legal and other specialists
  • Support for the CEO during the restructuring process

For a confidential discussion please contact Sue Dovey by email or on 01962 857351

Reasons to consider a merger:

  • It will increase your capacity
  • It will reduce your costs
  • It will bring you new markets
  • It will enable you to better meet beneficiary needs
  • It will improve governance

Mergers require extensive planning and resources to get right. Mergers are not just about how and what services we deliver, they are also about trust, culture and values. These less tangible but equally important aspects, need time to evaluate. Even if a merger has been carefully considered and agreed upon, there are different legal options – group structure, takeover, joint venture etc.

A different form of collaboration such as formal joint working or office/resource sharing etc may be a suitable alternative.

Top tip

Mergers may be a way to sustain your services in the long term but should not be considered to address an immediate financial or management crisis.

You might also like to …

  • Contact Sue Dovey or 01962 857351 for a confidential discussion
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