Helping you consult your community

Senior Rural Officer

Effective community engagement is at the heart of giving us a greater say in what happens where we live and work, and supporting our active participation in decision making. Through community engagement, it is possible to involve local people in:

  • the design, development and management of services;
  • deciding how best to invest a sum of money in the area or neighbourhood;
  • exploring proposals for a community enterprise;
  • shaping the future of where they live;
  • assisting public sector bodies in their decision making.

Community engagement takes place at different levels. It is not a ‘ticking boxes’ exercise. There are many tools and techniques that can be tailored to a specific group or topic and which provide an opportunity for different people to be involved.

We can design and deliver engagement exercises for voluntary and community groups, parish and town councils, local authorities, private businesses and public sector agencies. We have many years of experience acting as an independent facilitator to help others to:

  • find out what people see as their local priorities;
  • find out local people’s views about a particular issue or issues;
  • test out the level of support for a new approach or idea.

Techniques we have used include drop-in events, questionnaire surveys, interactive exercises, interviews, quizzes, walkabouts, mapping. These can be done as part of a wider project such as a community led plan or as a stand alone piece of work which would also includes analysis and a written report at the end.

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  • Contact us to discuss how we can assist you with your consultation. We can support you in running your own consultation effectively, or carry it out on your behalf.*