Community-Led Housing

Community –led housing is just that; a community coming together to find their own solution to address the lack of affordable, secure and suitable homes. Does your community have people in need of a home?

The problem

  • House prices in Hampshire have increased by 18% since 2014
    The average purchase price of homes in Hampshire in £318,000, requiring a salary of at least £80,000. Key workers that communities depend on, such as nurses (whose average salary is £23,000), teachers (£28,000) and police officers (£31,000), are now priced out of the market.
  • In the last few decades the makeup of households in the UK has changed significantly
    Large detached executive homes are often being built in place of smaller homes as they usually provide more lucrative returns to developers. Current trends however show there is a greater need for smaller homes for first-time buyers, young couples, families and those interested in downsizing.

The solution

  • Local people, Local solutions, Local control
    Community-led housing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK as many people now recognise the value local people bring to housing development. After all, local people know their community better than anyone. Find out more about success stories.
  • Community groups are able to mould schemes to fit their aims
    Community-led housing schemes can take a variety of forms, giving local people an opportunity to be flexible and choose an approach that is right for their community. Take a look at the five models of community-led housing.

Anyone local to an area can be involved in setting up a community-led housing group. This could be a group of residents, members of a parish / town council or a local church group etc. Schemes can also be set up by groups of people in housing need themselves.

Interested in finding out more? Catherine Kirkham, our Community Housing Officer, provides guidance and technical support to groups throughout the process of delivering community-led housing schemes. Catherine can help you choose the right project for your community and give you the tools to make it happen.
You can contact Catherine by phone: 01962 857387 or email [email protected]

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