Community Led Enterprise

Has your village shop closed down?
Has your last bus run?
Are your young people moving away?
Is the pub about to shut?
Would you like a childcare facility in the village?
Can older residents get support and care to stay at home?

Action Hampshire wants to inspire communities to deliver their own solutions to these and other challenges they face. We believe the community-led enterprise model is one such solution.

What is a community-led enterprise?

  • a business or service owned and run by the community
  • based in and serving a particular local neighbourhood or community
  • can deliver a single service eg a community shop or pub
  • can be more complex and include a range of services and facilities
  • is set up to be profitable like any successful business but profits are reinvested back into the community.

How can it be paid for?

Money to develop and deliver the enterprise is often raised locally through community investment. Shares or bonds are sold to raise finance. Comparatively large sums of money can be raised through small individual contributions.

Could this model work for you?

Getting started

Setting up a community enterprise requires a number of steps. You need first to secure the support of the wider community eg through a community led plan.

And as your next step, why not contact Action Hampshire to find out how we can help? We can assist with identifying a suitable legal structure and with developing your business plan. We can organise an engagement exercise at an early stage to determine the level of support for your proposal.

If you would like to explore how your community could benefit from this approach contact Jo