Specialist resources for community buildings

Information sheets and model documents for village halls, community centres, and other community buildings

To access any of the resources listed below, please email Kevin Sawers or call him on 01962 857358.

Village Hall Information Sheets

Expert advice on a range of issues affecting community and village halls. Would you like guidance on managing a major extension or refurbishment? Do you need to overhaul your health and safety procedures? Or are you keen to ensure your committee members know exactly what their duties and responsibilities are?

Information Sheets covering these issues and many more are available free by email to members of Action Hampshire that are not-for-profit organisations (including Parish Councils that manage a community building). A full list of the available sheets can be seen by clicking on the link below. Other organisations can buy the Information Sheets at a cost of £5 each.

Information Sheet list Oct 2018

Model documents for village halls

These documents are produced with expert input from a solicitor who specialises in charity and community building law. Each document costs £20 by email to not-for-profit members of Action Hampshire (again, including Parish Councils), and £30 to other organisations.

Model hiring agreement
Occupational licence (including a version to use with pre-schools)
Lease of land and trust deed
Transfer of freehold land and trust deed
Charitable Incorporated Organisation model constitution
Articles of Association for a village hall limited company

Other sources of advice, support and guidance

The Charity Commission is another valuable source of information. Their Essential Trustee booklet covers everything you need to know as a charity trustee. This means you if you are on the management committee of an organisation that runs a community hall or building.

Your local Council for Voluntary Service
Hampshire County Council grants page
Directory of Social Change
National Council for Voluntary Organisations
Health and Safety Executive