Save energy and reduce your bills

Utility bills are likely to be one of the biggest expenses your hall or building faces. But there are many ways, some cheap or even free, of reducing the amount of electricity and fuel you use for heating, lighting and powering equipment.

Community buildings in Hampshire can get free advice from us (call 01962 857358 or email), and there is plenty of information available online:

The Energy Saving Trust has a wealth of information about how to reduce your energy consumption. In particular, take a look at their pages for communities and the government’s various programmes.

National Energy Action is another organisation that offers advice on reducing energy use, with a particular focus on people who are struggling to heat their homes.

Energy brokerage services There are several companies that could help you get a better deal on your utility supplies. Try Back of the Sofa (based near Winchester), Utility Aid, and Make It Cheaper as a start.

Local support on energy use reduction

Community buildings in Winchester district can tap in to support and resources from Winchester Action on Climate Change. WinACC can help on a range of issues, so make sure you check out their website.

If your building is not in Winchester district, do still get in touch with WinACC as they may be able to find someone else to help with your energy use and generation issues.

Please contact Action Hampshire’s Community Buildings and Enterprise Officer if you would like us to arrange a briefing session on issues around energy efficiency and renewable energy projects, including funding opportunities. Alternatively, WinACC could come to your building and run a tailored session for you. (There would be a speaker’s fee for this.)