Insurance for community buildings

It is essential that your community building has the appropriate insurance. This will certainly include buildings and contents insurance, public liability and (if you have any paid staff) employer’s liability. You may well also wish to buy insurance for money while it is being moved or stored away from your building, cover for theft by a committee member or employee, personal accident cover, and trustee indemnity insurance.

Several companies offer specialist policies for community halls and buildings that cover most (if not all) of these issues. While we cannot recommend any particular policy to you, we are happy to provide details of companies offering insurance policies specifically tailored for charities and community buildings. Click on the link below to see the list.


Do make the time to get quotes from other companies when your policy is up for renewal. Just like with insurance for your home or car, it often pays to shop around; as this article from a village hall specialist insurance company says:


Village Hall Information Sheet no. 7 covers insurance in more detail and is available from the Community Buildings Officer. Go here for a full list of Information Sheets on issues affecting community halls and centres.

We can also supply guidance on the security features that insurers will usually expect to be present at your building, and on the dangers of under-insurance; if your building is not insured for the full cost of rebuilding then any claim you make may not be paid out in full, with the charity itself (and perhaps the management committee members personally) having to make up the shortfall.