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What we do

We support not for profit organisations in Hampshire & Portsmouth to deliver great services to local people and communities, and speak up for the changes they would like to see.

How do we do it? … the short answer

Action Hampshire strengthens not-for-profit organisations by supporting, developing and connecting them. Our specialisms include: community led planning and solutions; research and engagement; health and social care; rural issues such as rural affordable housing; community buildings; social enterprise and trading; children and young people’s issues; equalities; corporate social responsibility.

How do we do it? … the long version…

  • We produce newsletters condensing all the information on a wide range of subjects into one concise mailing of news you can actually use.
    • Our newsletter contains information:
      • on local not for profit job vacancies,
      • for community buildings,
      • for organisations working in health and social care, with children and young people
      • as well as local and national sector news.
  • Support for community buildings – information and advice for people who run community buildings such as village halls, community centres, social clubs, church halls
  • We deliver social enterprise and training to adults and young people, from bespoke half day sessions to a year-long training programme.
  • Research and engagement. We carry out a wide range of commissioned research and engagement projects, from project evaluations to facilitating community consultations.
  • We endeavour to support and inspire communities to deliver their own solutions to the challenges they face. We believe the community-led enterprise model is one such solution.
  • Our rural housing enablers work with rural communities to build small affordable housing developments, so that local people are not priced out of their home villages.
  • Housing need surveys. We carry out Housing Need Surveys in local communities, to understand what housing the community need and want.
  • Fratton Big Local – Fratton Big Local is a grouping of local residents that has been given £1 million by the Big Lottery Fund to spend over the next 10 years to make a real lasting difference to the area.