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Building the right it

Staff blog / 07.02.19

When we embark on developing a social enterprise, how can we be confident that we're building it right? Seb Mayfield, Social Enterprise Specialist for the Inspiring Enterprise programme, offers up a few tips. Read more

Social Enterprise explained

Staff blog / 10.01.19

We have probably all heard the phrase ‘social enterprise’ by now, but what is a social enterprise? Seb Mayfield, Social Enterprise Specialist for the Inspiring Enterprise programme at Action Hampshire, explains more. Read more

David Shervill

Social Enterprise News / 11.06.15

Global Music Visions (GMV) is continuing to work towards its goal of enabling blind, visually impaired, and people with disabilities of all ages, to undertake their own musical project, whether that is in small groups or in one to one workshops Read more

Carolyn Barber

Social Enterprise News / 20.05.15

The first Strong Minds Programme for social entrepreneurs started in January 2015 for people recovering from serious health problems. Students completing the programme presented their enterprise ideas in March to an invited audience at the… Read more

Rob Fackrell

Social Enterprise News / 20.05.15

"Why are you called The Unlikely Lads?” is one of the questions we get asked the most. It is easy to explain, Chris and I have very different backgrounds and yet we have a shared passion to provide "Better Beginnings for Boys. Read more

Emma Boorn

Social Enterprise News / 20.03.15

Emma set up her social enterprise Your Money Your Way in 2013 driven by her passion to help people manage their money more effectively and address their spending habits. Read more

Stuart Mills

Social Enterprise News / 20.03.15

We set up Wild Thyme because we wanted to create a new worker co-operative run social enterprise in Portsmouth, and a place where people could buy tasty, nutritious food. Read more

SSE Hampshire end of year round-up

Social Enterprise News / 16.12.14

2014 has been a great year for the School for Social Entrepreneurs Hampshire.

We have run four different programmes including the main year-long Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme; the PwC Social Entrepreneurs Programme; a Young Social… Read more


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We work with schools and colleges who want to teach their students about how business and trade can help improve society. Read more