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Spotlight on......Victoria Beebee


How is your project progressing? What are your key achievements/milestones to date?
The project is going from strength to strength and so much has been achieved from a grant given to us from The Fleet Lions. We’ve used it to purchase musical equipment for the elderly /dementia groups we’re working with and also for setting up our legal structure from self employed to Ltd by guarantee – now we really can take all of our projects forward, including our work with children, adults and the elderly.

We are also working with a new Nepalese group after a recommendation through Action Hampshire, this is the second Nepalese community we have worked with and so far have had two very successful sessions.

What impact has the SSE had on you personally?
It has helped to motivate me and inspired me to put plans into action rather than have great creativity but then linger on the idea for too long….now I just go for it if it feels right. It has also taught me that knowledge is power and I can use all the things that I’ve learnt in sessions and apply them to my enterprise.

What have you learnt from the course?
I’ve learnt to time manage better. I used to do everything as one big sweep, but now I prioritise, make lists and keep a calendar of events for myself and students through technology as well as my own diary. Things are definitely more organised which helps with stress levels when trying to run a business! I’ve also learnt to ask for help! I cherish other people’s feedback and now ask if I’m unsure about something. I’ve realised that we just do not and can’t know everything, it’s a learning curve every day; I enjoy getting constructive criticism from others as it ignites new ideas and also helps to filter out the rubbish ones!

What challenges have you or your project faced and how have you overcome them?
For me, my dream was to have a building to run sessions from in Fleet Hampshire or nearby, but I soon realised that dream doesn’t need to be set in stone.I let go of it and now run sessions from all over the place, however if a building or premises were to come up for our enterprise, that would be the icing on the cake. We could run everything we do from there and also be mobile with leaders working from different towns.

What did you enjoy most about the SSE?
I thoroughly enjoyed the comradery with the peers and mentors. It was such fun and made learning a joy rather than boring or uninteresting…we were able to shine our personalities within a group and everyone was heard and everyone’s point was made to feel valid and encouraged, so we all grew in more confidence as we went along the course.