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Shonagh Dillon - Seven


The process for our CIC has been an interesting one.

We initially set up with the idea of being a trading arm of the charity Aurora New Dawn.

In coming together we decided we wanted to free ourselves up from the onerous challenges of being a trading arm and saw many benefits to being a completely independent enterprise. We are now an official CIC registered at Companies House with five directors all from varied backgrounds. Our CIC has chosen Aurora New Dawn as its beneficiary and we will continue to support the work that Aurora does within the violence against women sector.

Currently we are concentrating on delivering training packages and bespoke lecturing for Universities and Colleges. Our aim is to provide guest lecturing packages to students within settings including, social inclusion, social work, criminology, law and business. Currently we have full packages to deliver which have been written by experts. They include, working with female offenders, understanding Universal credit, how to set up a social enterprise and best practice guidance to working with victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence and stalking.

Our agenda at the moment is to complete our business plan and model and to maintain our vision of “Challenging the Status quo”. We are excited about commissioning our website and logo and are due to start talks with some providers imminently.

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