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“Why are you called The Unlikely Lads?” is one of the questions we get asked the most. It is easy to explain, Chris and I have very different backgrounds and yet we have a shared passion to provide "Better Beginnings for Boys.

We are specialists in physical development for the early years and provide excellent practice, training and consultancy to Early Years settings to provide enhanced opportunities in order support boy’s development in all areas of learning through developing physical play.

Boys under the age of five underperform in all areas of learning and often show challenging behaviour and present difficulties for the practitioners and their families. Our own research, alongside the University of Portsmouth, supports the national evidence that confirms this. That is why we developed this new approach for boys in order to engage them in learning.

I worked as a teacher for ten years and found that I often taught boys who didn’t enjoy school and especially writing. I always enjoyed working with these boys, however I found that I was more and more restricted as a teacher in ways to reach these children. As soon as I started working as an Unlikely Lad I knew that our approach makes a difference. We concentrate on physical development and through this one area of the curriculum we support learning in all other areas.

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I have seen how this innovative approach makes a real difference to the lives of boys. We provide opportunities that enable the boys to continue to develop when they are at school and avoid lots of the issues that I encountered as a teacher.

Alongside the work we are doing in schools and settings already we are also developing ways in which we can share our message further. We are preparing training materials and courses which we will be offering to Early Years professionals. We are also very excited by a number of community events we are planning that will demonstrate to parents the importance of physical play.

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