'Making Local Woods Work': pilot to to help support and grow woodland-based social enterprises


Making Local Woods Work is an exciting pilot project working to help support and grow woodland-based social enterprises across the UK. The project is led by the Plunkett Foundation and involves a range of partners. They’re now accepting expressions of interest to be involved.

The aim is to work with 50 woodland social enterprises across the UK over the next three years. They will provide them with a range of support tailored to their individual needs; all 50 will receive four days of specialist support, and there will be some additional support available for 30 of these, which is likely to take the form of a further 12 days of support per group.

We’ll also be arranging a series of training and networking events to help anyone interested in woodland social enterprise (not just the fifty pilots) to achieve their ambitions.

What are we looking for?

We want to work with groups at various stages of development. The important elements for us are that groups are looking to undertake new activity that will help them to:

  • bring woodlands into active management
  • increase access to and the range and use of woodlands
  • create jobs and training opportunities
  • begin new activities with the aim of generating trading income
  • help those most in need to access woodlands, and benefit from activities in woodlands

They say they are taking a portfolio approach to selecting the 50 pilots, and will be accepting expressions of interest until 23 February.

Find out more on the Plunkett Foundation website