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Handy resources for new(ish) social entrepreneurs


There are many and varied sources of advice for new and aspiring social entrepreneurs, sometimes sold as exclusive secrets only fully available if you buy a book or click on a link.

If only there was somewhere to find short, concise, relevant, bite-size bits of advice that match the amount of time ………..

There is! The School for Social Entrepreneurs have just the thing on their website: you can read up on writing a business plan or choosing a legal structure

There is good advice on HR or pricing

If you are ready for it they can even help in setting up your board

Do look out for SSE Hampshire Fellow Sonia Wilson on one of the pages!

If you are too relaxed to bother with reading there are even videos to inspire you to persevere when everyone else is showing their holiday snaps.

It might be that you did get to go to that beach in the sun and you have come back with an idea for a social enterprise – look no further for advice on researching and communicating your new idea.

If you need more indepth advice and guidance, you can always book a social enterprise surgery appointment or ask us if we have a book available in our soon to be launched socent book exchange!