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Emma Boorn


With a background in banking and following redundancy, Emma set up her social enterprise Your Money Your Way in 2013, driven by her passion to help people manage their money more effectively and address their spending habits.

Emma tells us about her latest developments:

“Since starting on the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneurs Programme with SSE Hampshire in October 2014, I have delivered various daytime and evening courses in the Fareham borough, I have used Asda’s community room and a Children’s centre with the support of a crèche.

On the course learners have fun learning tools to equip them to understand their current finances and where they want to be. Learners have taken up a weekly spending challenge where they write down all of their spending to help them identify habits and look at the cost on an annual basis. This is the real challenge!

The course covers:

• Creating a workable income and expenditure
• Power of marketing
• Identifying attitudes and emotions towards money
• goals and aspirations
• Review of financial products including current accounts, credit cards, loans and savings.

I currently have two volunteers shadowing the courses with the view to being able to deliver them going forward as the business progresses.

I have also been working with Gosport Advice and Information Network where I trained volunteers about universal credit and a 2 session workshop on budgeting for them to deliver in the Gosport area. This has been good for publicity, networking and utilising my skills empowering me to keep going with my social enterprise.

I have funding to deliver a new course after Easter and am engaging with Waitrose and a new community centre.

The course is starting on Tuesday 28th April 2015 at 7.30pm-9.30pm for 4 weeks at Locks Heath Free Church, Hunts Pond Road.

Getting learners to attend courses is difficult due to the subject! Once on the course learners keep attending which is great news! All support in promoting the course is appreciated.

I am really enjoying the whole experience with SSE and putting some of the skills learnt into practice."

Please visit her website for more information.
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