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David Shervill


Global Music Visions (GMV) is continuing to work towards its goal of enabling blind, visually impaired, and people with disabilities of all ages, to undertake their own musical project, whether that is in small groups or in one to one workshops. This includes, creating their own jingle for a school or club project, composing a piece of music, then adding lyrics or thoughts to this. They can have their work recorded, edited and mixed by others in the group, or be supported to do this themselves if they wish.

GMV has recently been working on some new developments, including having the GMV website created, and is currently being tested before going live.

We have got our business cards and a popup banner now, which we used at our stand when we promoted our services at The Hampshire Social Inclusion Event, June 2nd 2015, which was a very enjoyable day.

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GMV recently held a 1-1 taster session with a visually impaired musician, who hadn’t played or composed for some time. They were able to compose and record their own music and are looking forward to the next session.

Interest is also being shown in GMV consultancy. This is where we look at accessibility issues around buildings and faculties on behalf of people who are living with a visual impairment, blindness, or other disabilities.

Global Music Visions began as an idea to create equality, inclusion and opportunity for everyone regardless of disability. With the support from the team at SSE Hampshire, PwC, and Lloyds, GMV is now breaking down barriers surrounding disability.

If you would like to find out more about GMV, or enquire about working on a project, please contact us by email