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Celebrating Graduation 2019


This year (on 17th October) Action Hampshire celebrates our 10th Year of the School for Social Entrepreneurs: The list of social/environmental issues that this year’s cohort of students have set up enterprises to address reads like a list of some of the most pressing issues of our time – physical and mental well being, addressing negative stereotypes including that of body image, plastic pollution, supporting young people and those in the gig economy.

They also want to run successful businesses; SSE students want people to buy from them firstly, because they have fantastic products and services and secondly, because their business supports a social or environmental cause. If you are reading this forward, please consider buying from them!

We remain grateful to Lloyds Bank for their long term financial and mentoring support. Our thanks also go to the Big Lottery Fund for the student grants; to the speakers and witnesses who have so generously given their time and experience to our students; to our now trusted team of assessors, interviewers and Action Learning Set facilitators. My thanks to the board of Action Hampshire for continuing to believe in and to help fund this programme. As with last year, my thanks to Fiona, Alison & Fergus who make it all happen and who are completely focused on making this programme the best that it can be.