Affordable homes in our villages


“We are so thrilled and excited to be back where we belong. I am 67 and my husband is 68 and this has meant that we can end our days in the place we love best in the world.” Anne Blake (Twyford resident)

Anne Blake was born in Twyford as were her parents, attended the village school and worked in the village laundry and residential home. Ann and her husband Peter bought their own home in Twyford and lived there for 31 years. Unfortunately, they experienced financial problems and were forced to sell their house and move out of the village.

Action Hampshire was part of the team that developed an affordable housing scheme in Twyford, and Anne and Peter were absolutely delighted to be offered one of the properties to rent. “I was so excited I couldn’t believe it, I was round here the next day to see which one it was” says Anne.

Anne can now visit her brothers and sisters regularly – and lives two doors away from her great nephew and his children. She can help her sister-in-law who has Parkinson’s and Anne’s brothers can help Peter, who is severely disabled.

Service: Action Hampshire’s team of Rural Housing Enablers work to provide affordable housing so that local people can stay in their own communities whatever their age or circumstances
Reach: Each year our housing staff provide homes to enable around 184 people to continue living in their villages