Postcode Community Trust - community grants to bring about positive local change


The Postcode Community Trust provides short-term, designated funding to good causes that promote community development and demonstrate positive change through access and engagement.

The Trust seeks to help groups participate more fully in activities within their community, especially for those who may feel isolated through disability or age. The Trust wants to help them overcome these barriers in creative and sustainable ways. Projects should help people gain better access to community facilities, community activities and strengthen communities in ways that are different, sustainable and reach a wide number of people.

Funding is available for activities that:

  • work in innovative ways to relieve older people’s isolation
  • support people looking after others
  • enhance volunteering opportunities
  • promote community arts projects
  • promote team/group sports and activities that benefit communities
  • provide/enhance places for sport and recreation
  • promote interaction of different generations
  • promote a community’s social history

Grassroots organisations, local charities and non-profit community businesses that are seeking to effect positive change within their local area are eligible to apply for a grant ranging from £500 to £20,000. Applications have to be in by 31 May. Visit the Postcode Trust website