Nationwide Foundation launches new £1m empty properties funding programme


The aim of this funding programme is to bring long-term empty properties in the UK back into use for people in housing need.

There are many organisations around the UK which have built up a wealth of experience in the last few years of how to carry out renovations effectively and efficiently, as well as offering wider community benefits, such as opportunities for local people to gain new skills and increase their employability. Not-for-profit organisations can apply now for funding to turn empty properties into safe, decent homes for people in need and makes them available at a rate they can afford.

Organisations can apply for between £100,000 and £175,000 either as grant funding or as social investment or a combination of the two, depending on which is the most appropriate for the scheme. The funding can be used for:

  • costs of the refurbishment of long-term empty properties. These can be empty residential properties or commercial spaces and must have been empty for more than six months.
  • organisational core costs where these are directly required to bring the empty properties into use, eg costs towards salaries for staff supporting volunteers who are working on the renovation of the empty property.
  • legal and other such costs associated with obtaining the empty properties, eg landlord negotiation and asset transfer.
  • reasonable wider organisational costs as part of a full cost recovery approach.

The Foundation is particularly interested in projects which:

  • are financially sustainable or which are working towards financial sustainability.
  • support the training and education of people in need, such as volunteering, apprenticeships or training schemes.
  • acquire property by asset transfer.
  • implement environmental and energy saving aspects into refurbishments to benefit future tenants.

The deadline for applications is 1 November 2015.

Full details can be found on the Nationwide Foundation website