Make your village hall warmer!


We have a received a grant from Hampshire County Council to offer low-cost professional energy audits for six community buildings in Hampshire’s rural communities and small towns.

Getting an energy audit done can help you identify various actions and improvements that will reduce your utility bills and make your building much more energy efficient. You might be surprised at how cheap and simple many of these actions are!

An audit will also give you useful evidence for grant applications and other fundraising efforts, so it’s well worth doing even at the full price (which is usually around £500).

How about paying just £50 for an energy audit?

Our new project is offering six energy audits at a reduced cost of just £50. Our grant funding will cover the rest of the cost – so all you have to do is find £50 and agree to work with us on monitoring your energy usage and contributing to an end of project information sharing event.

We want to help organisations where an energy audit will make a big difference to your building and the people who use it. Please use the project application form (see the links below) to tell us why your building and its users would benefit from an audit.



As a further incentive, our project partners Winchester Action on Climate Change are offering a free talk on fuel poverty to all organisations that apply for a low cost energy audit. Full details are in the guidance notes further down the page.

When to apply

We are open for applications now! The deadline has been extended to Tuesday 21 February, at midday (ignore the deadline of 7 February on the application form and guidance notes). Send your completed application form to Kevin Sawers by email or to our postal address.

If you have any questions, please contact Kevin by email or on 01962 857358. Note that Kevin’s normal working days are Tuesday to Thursday.

Do you qualify for this project?

Our grant funding means this project is only open to community buildings in Hampshire villages or towns with less than 10,000 residents. Please contact us if you’re not sure whether this applies to you.

The funding is also only available for buildings managed by a not-for-profit sector organisation, like a village hall committee or community association.

What to do next

Please see the Guidance, Terms and Conditions document and Application Form for all the details, and do get in touch with any queries. email Kevin Sawers or call 01962 857358. Remember we need your application (by email or post) by midday on Tuesday 24 January or Tuesday 7 February.



Thanks to WinACC for working with us on this project and to Hampshire County Council for awarding us a grant to subsidise the audits.

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