Funding resources


Funding database

Have you used our online funding database? It’s completely free for Action Hampshire members and could help you find the grant you need.

You put in what you want to do, who you’ll be working with, where you’re operating, and how much money you need; then the database gives you a list of grant schemes that might fund your work. Far more convenient than trawling the internet on your own! Find out more on our website.


You might also have heard of crowdfunding, the trendy new way of raising lots of money for your activities. Well, it’s not quite as simple as that, but take a look at our new introductory guide for community buildings:


What is crowdfunding, you might be asking. Essentially, it’s just using the internet and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc.) to go door-knocking asking people to support your work. In a less intrusive, time-consuming way than literally knocking on everyone’s door!