Free help for people applying for Continuing Healthcare (CHC)


As part of some research regarding Continuing Healthcare (CHC), we came across Beacon’s free independent information and advice service. Some of your clients may find it helpful …

“Members of the public can access free independent information and advice to help them to understand the Continuing Healthcare eligibility criteria and navigate the assessment and review processes. This service is supported by a consortia of leading voluntary sector organisations including Age UK, Parkinson’s UK and the Spinal Injuries Association”.

“During advice surgeries, individuals will have an opportunity to discuss any element of their assessment, request a review of an eligibility decision and care plan, or get general information about eligibility criteria”.

“Advisers will provide up to 15 minutes of basic information and guidance on matters such as how to request an assessment or review, and/or up to 90 minutes of in-depth advice specific to the individual’s situation”.

The brochure can be viewed below, or visit Beacon’s website