What does the Spending Review have to say for the voluntary sector?


Inequality is down, child poverty is down, the government is delivering social justice, and “we’re all in this together”; this is the state of play now, as described by Chancellor George Osborne as he presented his Spending Review 2015. We have passed from the phase of ‘rescuing the country’ to that of ‘rebuilding Britain’.

The direction is still a lower welfare, lower taxation, higher wage society, against a backdrop of a very much slimmed down public sector, which it seems is to become almost self-financing in terms of local government.

Although the main headline was his U-turn on cutting working tax credits, he made clear that he still delivers £12bn welfare savings.

We have brought together key measures which are likely to be of interest to the not-for-profit sector, grouping them under Charities, Welfare and employment, Health and social care, Changes to local government, Housing, and Environment and energy. You can find out more here on our website