The Fundraising Regulator send 2nd invoice...


The Fundraising Regulator has begun the process of sending out invoices for the second year of its annual levy on fundraising spend. Every organisation that has spent £100,000 or more a year on fundraising will receive a letter from Stephen Dunmore, the regulator’s chief executive, requesting payment of the second round of the voluntary levy.

A spokeswoman for the regulator said it would “send out around 1,600 levy requests during September and October”, and that “those organisations not paying or replying to the Year 1 levy request” will still be invoiced. A list of charities which had and had not contributed to the first round of the levy, published last week by the Fundraising Regulator, featured 1,570 charities, of which 1,409 had paid. A further 95 organisations “still in negotiation” with the regulator regarding the first round of the levy were not included on the list.

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