Tender opportunity// Wecock Farm Big Local Consultation Process & Completed Plan 2017-20


The Wecock Farm Big Local Partnership is looking to commission an outside agency or local professional(s) to organise and deliver a comprehensive programme of community engagement and consultation in order to ensure that the completed Wecock Big Local Plan is a true reflection of what the community’s needs and aspirations are, both now and into the future. The Plan may also include larger legacy projects that will require investment and time to grow to become self-sustaining.

Other criteria to be met:

  • maximisation of the number of residents/stakeholders/age groups to be consulted
  • delivery of innovative events to gather data and information
  • events to cover the whole of the Wecock Farm Big Local area
  • a proven ability to engage with all age groups
  • an ability to help broker relationships for involvement and unblock any barriers to delivery of consultation
  • a completed Vision and Plan to be available for the Partnership to submit to the Local Trust for endorsement by mid July 2017

It is expected that the endorsed Plan delivery will commence in September 2017, following the Local Trust’s required 4 weeks for assessment and endorsement.

Action Hampshire, acting in its role as Local Trusted Organisation for Wecock Farm Big Local, is inviting organisations and local professionals to submit tenders. Please submit your proposal to Action Hampshire for the attention of Sarah Hurford-Potter by 24 February, 12 noon.

Further details and a full specification for the contract can be found below.