Member of the Month // Switch-It-Clothing


If you’re not wearing it, you might as well be sharing it!
Shelley Delaney, founder of ‘Switch-it clothing’ talks about why she has started this inspiring social enterprise

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This little gem of a business was created and founded in March 2017. In the beginning the whole idea was to share and swap items with friends and family-to re-use unwanted clothes and accessories others didn’t want. I am admittedly a huge shopaholic and realised I could feed my habits while using it for the greater good!! I wanted to take this further, and realised that I could help others by donating and recycling unwanted clothes, whilst also making it a viable, sustainable, successful business. Switch-It was born!

Did you know that 1 in 4 items you own end up in the bin?

Medium 235 million clothes went to landfill in 2016 alone

Why throw away all these beautiful clothes when someone else out there could love it-for free or for so much cheaper than the shops (and charity shops)! I will emphasise that we do not take from charity-we also take our unwanted stock to various charities, and we are proud to work with other teams who help women in Africa to refuge charities who help people fleeing from violence. We want to do what we can for our community.

Without the masses amount of kind donations from the public, (and a bit of bulk buying from the Switch-it side) suddenly we had a vast amount of stock that we could take, sell and share with everyone else. How awesome is that?!

So how does it work?

You come along to any one of our events we hold, bringing any pre-loved items you may have with you. For every item you swap, we charge £1. If you don’t have any clothes to donate to us, not a problem… can buy any item for just £2 (children’s clothes £1.50 per item)

Our next Switch-it clothing exchange event:

  • St Christopher’s Church, Arnewood Road, Southbourne, Bournemouth, BH6 5DW Bournemouth
  • Saturday 15 June
  • 11:00 – 14:00

Click here to see more information on Switch-it Facebook page or website

In these current times where we need to do what we can to help our environment, swapping and buying clothes is an amazing way to recycle and to help save our planet.