Member of the Month // Safe Space Consultancy


Hello, I am Julie Johns and the Founder and Managing Director of Safe Space Consultancy.

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My career path has led me to my current position of being a leader and local expert in raising awareness and supporting businesses and organisations achieve best practise in addressing and responding to domestic abuse, stalking and sexual harassment in the workplace. This is achieved through bespoke consultancy services, accredited training and on-going support.

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Is your workplace or organisation a Safe Space? How prepared are you?

Domestic abuse and associated crimes will follow a person into the workplace. It can impact on the employee’s ability to carry out their work, impact on colleagues around them, is a cause of absenteeism and lead to financial and reputational loss to the business. Having an in-depth knowledge of this subject reduces the risk of harm to people and organisation and encourages compassion and support towards those who are being perpetrated against.

Please follow link to my website for further information and if you would like an introductory presentation for your workplace, organisation or for a group.