INSPIRING ENTERPRISE: would this project interest you or your beneficiaries?


Inspiring Enterprise is a new project aimed at people who are unemployed or economically inactive. It will introduce the concept of self-employment or starting-up social (and other) enterprises. The project will cover the Enterprise M3 Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area – that is most of Hampshire and the south west corner of Surrey.

The project plans to focus on:

  • young people (16 – 25 and graduates)
  • individuals and groups with particular needs (lone parents, older workers, people with disabilities, minority groups)
    It is, therefore, planned that any support delivered will be accessible to all.

The programme (initial budget £1.5m) is designed to last for three years and will be delivered by a group of partners, based in the area, with a range of specialist knowledge in this area such as the School for Social Entrepreneurs Hampshire.

The programme will include:

  • information and signposting, including access to online materials
  • taster sessions (Is it for Me?)
  • workshops to develop skills (business planning , marketing, access to finance)
  • individual meetings to discuss more difficult issues
  • introductions to mentors and role models
  • peer group support
  • networking, e-newsletters, groups

WSX Enterprise is the lead partner. Other partners are: Action Hampshire, The University of Winchester, Surrey Community Action, UnLtd and the Fredericks Foundation. The bid has passed the first stage of the approval process but now needs to establish the level of demand, in order to complete a second stage application. The funding will come from the Building Better Opportunities programme funded by the European Social Fund and the National Lottery.

We are, therefore, seeking views and indications of interest, either from the targeted groups or from organisations that support them. If you think that you or some of your beneficiaries might benefit from such a programme, please email Sue Dovey by 29 February.

We are interested in the following detail:

  1. an estimated number of potential participants
  2. how you think such a programme could best be delivered to your beneficiaries
  3. whether you would support this programme

We look forward to getting your feedback.