Advent calendar - 7 December: Team Social Enterprise


Medium 7 dec

Medium social enterprise team

Sandie, Fergus and Alison are TEAM Social ENTERPRISE!!!

We get to meet lots of truly inspiring new and aspiring social entrepreneurs who seek to make their bit of the world a better place!

We offer events, news and workshops to raise awareness about social enterprise and to support those people who take that courageous step of setting up their own social enterprise to meet a need or fill a gap in services.

Social Enterprise does what it says on the tin! – it is enterprise (business), so makes money by trading goods, services or knowledge; with an added social or community benefit, so helping people, communities or the environment!

We help them develop their enterprise with learning programmes and networking. If you can, this Christmas buy from a social enterprise and support them in making a positive impact! Here are a couple of examples…

  • Fieldplay
    Ethically made KIDS clothing range