A clear message on campaigning


A blog yesterday from Stuart Etherington (Chief Exec of NCVO) sheds some light on the government’s position on campaigning. He asked the Prime Minister and the Secretary of State to clarify the purpose of so-called ‘gagging clauses’ in contracts issued to charities.

The prime minister says the government recognises the importance of the voice of charities, and that she believes it is vital that the sector’s independence and freedom of speech are protected.

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Stuart’s most important ‘take home’ message is that even when under contract:

Charities are not prevented from speaking out, and this includes fairly criticising the department or programme they are delivering.

Charities can campaign for the advancement of their particular charitable cause, provided they do so in accordance with the Charity Commission’s guidance on campaigning and with their own money.

Read Stuart Etherington’s full blog post (and letters from PM & Secretary of State) here

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