Save Our Spaces!


A Freedom of Information request has revealed that over 4,000 publicly owned buildings and spaces across England are being sold into private ownership each year.

Please let us know of any public buildings or land local to you that have either been sold off, or put on what’s called the Assets of Community Value Register to protect them against this outcome. Assets that can be listed include open spaces, parish / town halls, allotments, pubs, sports pavilions – any building / space which is used to further the social wellbeing or social interests of the local community is likely to be eligible.

Assets of Community Value Registers are maintained by district / borough and unitary councils (so not Hampshire County Council). For example, Winchester City Council’s information about their Register and the associated Community Right to Bid process is here. Note that individuals can’t nominate assets for the register but parish / town councils, charities, and similar organisations can.

We encourage you to make use of the Assets of Community Value Register, and please tell us about public-use land or buildings that have been sold off in your area. We want to find out how severe a problem this is in Hampshire.

Community centres, village halls, and similar buildings that are owned or long-term leased by a charity already have significant protection against sale of the building to an individual or or non-charitable body, thanks to the charitable status of the managing organisation. But there’s no harm in applying to register the asset anyway.