Rural life isn't always green and pleasant


Our national partner organisation, ACRE, has been promoting the idea that nobody who lives in a rural area should be unreasonably disadvantaged by where they live.

Representing ACRE, Jeremy Leggett was recently on the BBC’s Farming Today radio show to talk about how the loss of a public service like a post office can spell disaster for a rural community. Listen to the interview on the BBC Sounds website by clicking here (free account needed).

There is also a campaign to persuade the Government to produce a Rural Strategy, which would set out priorities for rural communities and the rural economy across England. This is needed because rural issues are often overlooked in a policy environment dominated by urban thinking and by urban policy concerns. In turn, this can lead to communities missing out on the benefits or experiencing unintended consequences from policies that are poorly thought through from a rural perspective.

You can see more on the Rural Services Network website and add your name to the campaign here.