Major national survey of community buildings


We will soon be asking you to complete a major national survey of village halls, community centres, and all community buildings. It is crucial for the ongoing support and development of village and community halls that we have up to date information about community buildings and the social and economic impact you deliver for your communities. We need this information to secure funding for community buildings and for our support services, also to ensure our services and information adapt to the challenges facing you and your communities.

Evidence from the previous survey (carried out in 2009) meant we could argue the case for the £3 million Village Hall Improvement Grant Fund. The Minister in charge said at the launch that he hoped it would continue beyond the current pilot phase if we can provide evidence of the Fund’s impact. Nothing is funded by the public sector these days without evidence! However, using 2009 data appears out of date to politicians and others, who are used to social media reporting data that is far more current than this.

Following the last survey in 2009, ACRE (our national partner organisation) produced 6 reports: Key Findings, Economic Impact, Environmental Sustainability, Arts Sports and Licensing, State and Management, Changing Use. While still available on the ACRE website, updating the reports will considerably enhance the profile of community buildings and of our support services.

So when the survey is released, we would be very grateful if you could complete it for your community centre, village hall, or other community building. Thank you!