Major consultation on the rural economy


There is an opportunity to contribute evidence and viewpoints to a wide-ranging review of the rural economy.

The House of Lords set up a select committee in May, with the task of gathering evidence on the UK’s rural economy. This will include the following elements:

  • How the Government is performing on the rural economy
  • Improving and maintaining provision for essential services such as healthcare, education and banking
  • Helping rural business to thrive, and supporting investment and new industries
  • Tackling deprivation and inequality in rural areas
  • Supporting shops, pubs and other local amenities

News of the call for evidence is on the UK Parliament website, as is the consultation document itself.

Action Hampshire will be responding in due course but please send in your own views (and also forward your response to us if you’re happy to do that). The select committee is keen to hear from as many individuals and organisations as possible with interest and expertise in the rural economy, and you are welcome just to answer one or a few of the questions.