Insurance for community buildings


All charities should have appropriate insurance. For organisations that manage a community building, this will certainly include buildings and contents insurance, public liability and (if you have any paid staff) employer’s liability.

You may well also wish to buy insurance for money while it is being moved or stored away from your building, cover for theft by a committee member or employee, personal accident cover, and trustee indemnity insurance.

Several companies offer specialist policies for community halls and buildings that cover most (if not all) of these issues. One of these is Norris and Fisher, a Hampshire-based company who specialise in community halls and sponsor the National Village & Community Halls Network. You can read their latest newsletter at the link below.


However, it is important to shop around so you get the best deal and the most appropriate policy for your organisation’s particular situation and activities. For more details and a list of charity specialist insurers, see the Action Hampshire website