Induction and training for new trustees


New committee members need support and mentoring to help them get used to the role they have taken on. We have a ‘Top Tips’ booklet which should help – it was produced with new hall / association trustees in mind and is a useful reminder for all, we hope. Download the booklet at the link just below. Also, do you have some new (or not so new) trustees who would benefit from an induction session at our Winchester office? Email us to note your interest and we’ll set up a session in the spring.

Top Tips for community buildings trustees

We also have a range of Information Sheets covering various community hall / centre related issues. These are free for organisations that are members of Action Hampshire – just email us saying which ones you would like. In particular, you might like to look at no. 17 (Trustees – roles and responsibilities) and no. 32 (Recruiting and retaining volunteers). There’s a sample induction pack for new trustees in another booklet we can send to you, called Your village hall management committee. Please email us if you would like it.

Am I a trustee?

Please note that trustee in this article means member of charity management committee. If you’re on the decision-making body for your charity (village hall, community association, church etc.) then you are a charity trustee. This means the buck stops with you… Don’t panic, though; we can help you fulfill your legal obligations and guide your charity into a brighter future.