How much does a new community building cost?


Here is an estimate of the total cost of building a new community hall. These figures are provided by Stanhope Wilkinson Associates, an architects’ firm who have been involved in many community building projects across south-east England (case studies here).

  • Start with £1,750-£2,000 per square metre of building ‘footprint’
  • Add 10-12% for design and build fees (architect, surveyor etc.)
  • If VAT is to be applied, also add that to the base cost

For a 200 square metre hall, the costs would come out something like this:

  • £2,000 × 200 = £400,000
  • £400,000 + 10% = £440,000
  • If VAT is to be added, this would be another £80,000 (i.e. 20% of £400,000)

Note that building projects managed by charities do not normally attract VAT, so the cost of a 200 square metre building for a charity would come out as about £440,000.

These costs are likely to come down if your organisation has relevant expertise or access to professionals who’ll offer you reduced rates.

On the other hand, if your hall needs to have any unusual features (perhaps because it is in a conservation area) then this may well increase the costs.

For Action Hampshire members, we have resources on planning and managing a major building project, and we can also help with your fundraising efforts. Email us or call 01962 857358.

Disclaimer: Action Hampshire does not give specific recommendations as to which companies you should use for the various services and products needed by your organisation. If you need to engage an architect or any other provider, feel free to ask us for suggestions but do also carry out you own research.