Hire charges report - your info is needed!


Setting your hiring charges is a difficult but vitally important issue. Too low and you won’t cover your running costs; too high and you’ll drive potential hirers away (and won’t cover your running costs).

It can be useful to know what other centres and halls in the area are charging, and that’s why we’re asking for your help. We produced a report in 2015 showing what organisations in Hampshire charge to hire rooms of various sizes, but the information could do with an update. So please could you email us with the following details of each room that can be hired in your building(s):

  • Approx area in square metres (or just give us the room length and width)
  • Approx capacity (seated)
  • Charge per hour for local people / groups
  • Charge per hour for non-local users
  • Charge per hour for commercial hirers
  • Any comments / notes

Please give the cheapest standard price for one-off bookings. It’s perfectly fine to charge more at peak times, and to give a discount for regular bookings; but please just let us know the one-off rate. We will make your information anonymous and put it into a report as we did in 2015 – see the report here.

Email us with your data and feel free to call 01962 857358 with any queries. We can also send you an Information Sheet (from this range) with guidance on working out your running costs and setting your rates accordingly.