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David and Dorothy Bateman


David Bateman was born in the area, he was brought up by his mother and grandparents as his natural father died before he was born.

David attended the local School and joined the Navy when he left school.

He met his wife Dorothy who was his pen-pal in the navy and the couple married in Amport church when David was 21.

David then joined the RAF which he was in for nearly 30 years and the couple lived in different parts of the country.

David was injured in Afghanistan in 2006 and was left disabled. The couple decided to move to Andover to be near their family. They lived in insecure private rented accommodation.

‘We were renting privately which depleted virtually all of our savings’

The couple were on Test Valley Borough Council’s Housing Register and they received a letter in 2009 explaining that they were eligible for an affordable property in the parish where David grew up as they had a strong local connection to the parish. The couple moved into the property in September 2009.

David and Dorothy are now able to live in good quality, affordable home that is suitable for their needs and close to family and friends. Their two daughters and grandchildren live in Andover so they are able to see them regularly and David’s mother lives close by so they are able to support her.

‘The village has not changed much since I was a boy, this actual site where we live now used to be home to prefabs which were built after the war. My aunt and uncle were actually the first ones to move into these prefabs’

The couple attend the local church, use local pubs and read the parish magazine.

‘Hyde themselves are very good. Any problems we have with the house are a phone call away and they will do whatever they can to sort it out.’

‘We are happy to have this as our final move’