Anti-social behaviour


We have recently heard accounts of significant anti-social behaviour around some community buildings. If there’s any trouble around your centre or hall, call 101 to log the issue (call 999 in an emergency, of course!). It’s also worth liaising with your local council’s community safety team to see how they can help.

Even if you doubt the authorities will do anything, it’s still important to tell them about an incident so they get an accurate picture of what’s going on where. This will help them focus their resources in the best way.

How to address anti-social behaviour is also a great issue on which to get the views and experiences of your peers – others carrying out the same role as you. We can help with this!

If your organisation is an Action Hampshire member, then you can use our online message board to connect and mutually support your fellow community building staff and trustees across the county. We use Basecamp to help people link together and share their experiences. It’s completely free for you, so just email us and we’ll invite you to join.