Social media thoughts


It has become a bit of a running joke between my boss and myself, my seeming inability/unwillingness to use any kind of social media. (I use the term ‘social media’ in a fairly broad way, encapsulating any kind of electronic presence, communication or networking with the exception of e-mailing and texting). Well, it’s a running joke to me, perhaps more of a running sore for my boss. Anyhooo ….

My Luddite symptoms appear to be less severe than usual today (although I know the remission will be shortlived) so I have posted this blog! And I haven’t stopped there – no, no. I have also set up a profile on Twitter! I haven’t actually sent a tweet, but I like to think of it as laying solid foundations. I’m following about 20 organisations and people who do interesting stuff: New Philanthropy Capital, School for Social Entrepreneurs, New Economics Foundation, Guardian Voluntary, Joseph Rowntree Foundation. And bizarrely, I now have 8 followers. I’m not entirely sure what ‘following’ involves, but it does make me feel like the leader of a very tiny and select cult. On the negative side, I think it means I will have to do some tweets.

I actually have nothing to say, although that doesn’t appear to be a problem in social media land. I just want to e-mail this link to my boss. I might even try my first emoticon. Is there one for “ner ner ner ner ner”?

Kirsty Rowlinson
Recovering Luddite, Action Hampshire