Membership Consultation Winter 2016


At the Action Hampshire AGM held on 17 November, we consulted with members on the steps we are taking to safeguard the future of the Charity and its continuing provision of support for the sector.

Along with many member organisations, Action Hampshire has seen a 75% drop in government funding over the last two years. We have decided to secure our own future by increasing our independent income. We will do this by establishing a trading arm to promote the commercial services we already offer (such as research and community consultation) beyond our membership, and by creating new services.

We would like to extend this consultation to those members who were unable to attend as we are very keen to understand what you and your organisations need as we consider our own future. The survey is online and can be accessed here

Simply put, we want to know what you need and what matters to you so that we can do our best to provide it.

Please complete this survey by 9am on Monday 12 December and we will present the findings of this consultation at a member event in Spring 2017.