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Meeting the Hungarian Prime Minister...?


I have just returned to work after a few days in Budapest. The trip was mainly spent outside in the freezing cold sipping hot wine at the Christmas markets. I always find shopping (and sampling the culinary delights) the best part of a trip. I found the quirky Christmas presents on offer irresistible and tried my first portion of goose liver which was vile!

We also took a dip in an outdoor thermal baths (Budapest is famous for these), experiencing a few hair raising moments helping our friend get up and down wet stairs on crutches. We then went on to find a magic fountain (my friend loves these) but ended up wandering aimlessly round Margaret Island in the cold dark of night looking for this fountain, we eventually gave up.

We definitely made the most of our four days, even waiting in line for an hour for a river cruise in minus temperatures (not my idea). We also got to ride a double decker tour bus, eat at the most popular restaurant in the city, meet the Hungarian Prime Minister (well, he nodded at us) and get ourselves lost a few times (especially when trying to work out the underground.)

I have decided that I want to visit all the notable cities in Europe in the next ten years. Europe has so much culture, Americans and Canadians often have to do the whole ‘Europe thing’ in one go but cheap and quick flights around the continent make it so easy for us Brits to take long weekends off here and there for European city breaks.
My ‘ticked off’ list so far includes:

• Paris – beautiful city,
• Barcelona – a place I could live but got annoyed with the locals as they kept answering back in English when I tried to speak (though poorly) to them in Spanish,
• Brussels – for a very fleeting visit as part of a University trip (I don’t think this actually counts),
• Amsterdam – wasn’t too impressed but this may be because the weather was grim,
• Dublin – I preferred Edinburgh

• Next stop Berlin hopefully, and then onto all the rest – Vienna, Milan, Rome, Athens, Munich, Prague, Stockholm, Krakow, Helsinki, Madrid, Copenhagen, Florence, Nice….