If you always do what you’ve always done, then you’ll always get what you’ve always got… blog from Sandie Davis


It’s all change here at Action Hampshire – we are getting new colleagues and so some people are moving desks; even rooms, as we make space for new areas of work and exciting developments. In the School for Social Entrepreneurs, we are saying goodbye to our old group of ‘students’ and welcoming in the new; our fledgling social entrepreneurs will now spread their wings and fly the SSE nest (although hopefully they will come to our Airbrick network meetings!). Graduation for them is on 6th October at the Science Centre in Winchester, a place that celebrates innovation and change! Yesterday we had the new cohort in signing the many and varied forms that need doing in preparation for the start of their journey with us over the next year. We look forward to seeing them develop and change through the programme as they grow their business.

The phrase ‘I don’t like change’ is being heard in the corridors of Action Hampshire and change can be scary, messy and unpredictable but if we push through then there can be exciting times. Twitter was exploding the other day with talk of ‘squirty’ tea in an aerosol – heaven’s above, that can’t be happening, but then we considered in the office the impact that teabags had not that many years ago, what we now see as commonplace was once radical. BTW – teabags became widely promoted in the UK in 1953 and were looked on with distrust – (entertain and educate, that’s what we do!!)

Change seems inevitable in these times and from an individual social entrepreneur to a county wide organisation, if we want to grow, we need to change – think caterpillars to butterflies, ugly ducklings to swans, acorns to massive oak trees, SSE student to Richard Branson! Change seems to be accelerating, leading to more anxiety, but if we focus on the positive things that could be brought about by change, maybe we could be more excited about what is to come and not let anxiety stop us moving forward – even if we are on the right track, we will get run over if we stand still!

This all sounds a bit trite, but working with social entrepreneurs tends to give you a positive attitude to change. They can be described as change-makers, but even that sounds safe and cosy compared to the term ‘disruptors’ used to describe the transforming effect on business and society by social entrepreneurs. Disruption sounds really unsettling, but maybe we need to be disrupted regularly – George Bernard Shaw said: ‘Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything’

I’m going to try and be positive about the office disruption and look forward to exciting changes – but I’m NOT buying squirty tea!

Sandie Davis
SSE Co-ordinator