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Busy schedule with imposing deadlines? Don’t panic, plan it


Recently I have found my usually faultless organisational skills have been slipping. Evidenced by:

1. Being in the travel agent 4 hours before my flight to Gran Canaria trying to get copies of the documents I needed to take (printer stopped working – should have checked earlier)

2. Having to use the bus, instead of my car, after discovering my MOT was due (I couldn’t get an MOT slot straight away -should have booked in advance)

I have until now, blamed these events on being too busy to keep track and sort them out, if I’m completely honest, this is not true. I actually ended up spending more time sorting out the problems I had created, than it would have taken to have done them at the correct time.

Sometimes I look at the work I need to complete, it looks like a mountain, an improbable task, and I procrastinate. I ignore everything else in my life and focus only on the mountain. This clearly, is not the best option; however, I would be surprised if I am the only one…

It always seems difficult to find the time to create a plan, break the mountain down into bite size chunks, and allocate realistic deadlines; doing so however, could save time, effort and money. It certainly would have in my case -hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Going forward, I will be entering regular 10-15 minute planning sessions into my diary, to organise everything from my work, exam preparation and gym schedule to ensure I keep on top of important dates as well as breaking my work down into more manageable pieces. I find my most productive days are when I make a check list of things I have to do and tick them off one at a time, which helps me focus fully on that one task, rather than have my head thinking about all the other things I still need to do. As I write, I am wondering why I don’t do this all the time…

The benefits of effective time management, I have decided, far outweigh the small amount of time it takes to take a step back and look at what needs to be done, so I don’t think there is anything left to say except, let’s get planning!

Written by Charlotte Gale Finance Officer